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Empowering Leadership

May 12, 2021

Leadership is often thought of as how we present ourselves in the workplace, and how we give direction and inspiration to our colleagues and peers. Today's guest on Empowering Leadership is well versed in that world of leadership, but also has redefined leadership as a personal and spiritual endeavor as well. 

In today's episode, host Doug McVadon talks to Durham (NC) County Commission Chair Brenda Howerton about the many ways in which she has embodied leadership for herself and those around her.

Long before her career in politics, Howerton was a mother looking after two young boys. Both her sons were tragically killed by gun violence within a year of each other, one shot by police. Responding to this devastating loss, Brenda sought elective office as a way to change things. She won, and has now been re-elected three times. 

Doug and Brenda talk about Brenda's experience with loss and how she not only recovered, but also went on to start a career in politics. They also discuss how the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd has reframed the conversation about racism in workplaces and beyond.